Ways Going Ductless Can Save You Money and Enhance Your Comfort

Ways Going Ductless Can Save You Money and Enhance Your Comfort

Ductless heating and cooling is the new way to save money compared to the traditional HVAC methods. With ductless methods being so much more versatile, discussing your options with Dash Pro Services will be possible for everyone. If you still aren’t sure if ductless cooling and heating is the way to go for you, first reading the ways that it can enhance your comfort and save you money over time will be useful.

With ductless cooling being much more flexible than what people are used to, you will find many benefits from the entire system. Without needing ducts to run through your home, you will find this versatile system easier to have, faster to install, cheaper to sustain, and easier to maintain.

How Ductless Heating And Cooling Works

Although the overall system is a bit complicated when broken down, a ductless system is very easy to understand and use. While getting rid of the unnecessary ductwork that comes with traditional heating and cooling systems, you still have the same ease of use that comes with operating those systems. Instead of those unnecessary parts, a ductless system is operated through having a compressor unit located outside of your home or building that is connected inside of your home through a conduit cable. This cable contains tubing and wiring that carries the air through to the inside of your home.

Less Ductwork Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

With a traditional heating and cooling system, the air is lost when it is traveling through the ductwork in your home before reaching its final destination. With heating and cooling being one of the costliest appliances in your home, this can become costly as the lost air adds up over time. Because of this, energy is lost and becomes very costly as time goes by. By switching to a ductless system, you are narrowing down this loss and energy and overall being more efficient with the energy you are paying for.

Narrow Down Areas Where You Want Cooling And Heating Located

With ductless systems, you are able to control where you want the air to go much easier. You can either place each air handler in separate desired locations, or you can have them all taking care of a specific larger location or room. This makes focusing the air to certain locations easy to do as the versatility is very high.

Better Efficiency Through Mitsubishi’s Technology

With efficiency being a key to saving energy and money, it is important to focus on where this saving comes from. Compared to traditional heating and cooling systems that have an on and off switch, Mitsubishi has created a new technology for these systems. Their technology in these ductless systems allows the output of the air coming through to be increased or decreased based on the specific needs of the area either being cooled or heated.

ENERGY STAR Provides Even More Savings

With a ductless system cooling or heating your home, you are saving even more money if you have an ENERGY STAR qualified model. With increased efficiency, investing in one of these models can save you more money by making you eligible for credit from federal and state tax.

Easier Access To Your Ductless System Through Smart Thermostats

Similar to how many things today are becoming smart through smart technology, ductless heating and cooling systems are also moving in that direction. Through the use of a smart thermostat, you can control your air entirely through your smart device. With the capability of being able to control your heating and cooling system while in your home, you will find it to be much more efficient at times when you are normally unable to manually use your thermostat. On top of that, a smart thermostat allows you to control the system while you are away from home! With the ability to adjust specific settings of your heating and cooling system that go beyond what your traditional system has ever allowed, such as scheduled times for modes and temperatures as well as the ability to create reminders for checking your filter, it would be silly to not invest in a smart thermostat with your new ductless system.

If you are interested in upgrading to a ductless heating and cooling system, you should contact Dash Pro Services now to receive more information on their particular offerings. Their team of experienced and trained technicians will work with you to meet your specific needs for the best ductless system for your home.

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