The Magic of Whole House Dehumidifiers

Believe it or not, Air conditioners don’t just remove excess heat from your home. They also remove moisture and save you from the many health threats that come with it, such as mold and water damage.


But when your air conditioner alone just isn’t  cutting it and keeping your home below 50 or 60 percent relative humidity seems easier said than done – a whole-house dehumidifier may just be the solution to your problems.


Air conditioners remove moisture from the air by taking the extreme amount of water condensed on their evaporator coils and draining it away. That’s why ensuring you have the proper sized unit will assist you in removing as much moisture as possible.


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air much like air conditioners do. However, they tend to do so more efficiently since they are specifically designed to remove moisture from the air instead of heat.


That said, it’s important to keep in mind that dehumidifiers don’t just cool your home. Unlike air conditioners, their condenser coils are located inside the home and work by taking heat inside the evaporator coil and returning it inside the home instead of transferring it to the exterior air.


Heat is released during the condensation process, so dehumidifiers do actually somewhat warm the air. But, since dry air is cooler than moist air, the chances of you noticing any difference are slim to none.


Dehumidifiers are usually sold as portable units, but if you want to dehumidify your entire home you’ll want to go with a whole-house dehumidifier rather than using multiple portable dehumidifiers to get the job done.


Whole-house dehumidifiers work by utilizing the ductwork in your homes central HVAC system to exchange air all throughout your home. They can also provide you with additional dehumidification when your air conditioning is running, or they can even dehumidify on their own without cooling.


Some whole-house dehumidifiers even come equipped with the ability to measure the relative humidity of the air in your home so that they can turn themselves on and off as necessary.


If you’re in need of whole-house dehumidifier service, contact Dash Pro Services Conditioning today. We provide indoor air quality service for whole-house dehumidifiers ranging from simple repairs to full scale installation.