Dash Pro Services offers far more services than just unclogging customers drains. We also also offer our customers full services on sewer lines that includes; repairing sewer lines, replacing lines, and cleaning sewer lines. It’s vital that you make sure that you get the right kind of help when it comes to your sewer lines especially when they are in need of repair or even replacement. This is why it’s so important that as soon as you suspect that there’s something wrong with your sewer line to call a professional who can come out and inspect your sewer lines in order to cut down on the possibility of severe damage to your sewer lines. Our expert plumbers are all trained to be able to handle any of the following sewer issues:


  • Broken Sewer Pipes – These can be sewer pipes that are collapsed, broken or cracked often caused by shifting soil, soil that has shifted, frozen soil and more.


  • Clogged Sewer Lines – This can be caused by grease backups or foreign objects that will then restrict the flow going through the sewer lines.


  • Corroded Pipes – Corroded pipes are those that are found to be broken or are deteriorating which in turn can cause blockages in sewer lines.


  • Pipes That are Bellied – These pipes are ones that have a section which has sunk because of the conditions of the soil or ground. This can make a valley in the pipe where waste and debris can collect and cause clogs in the sewer pipe line.


  • Joints That are Leaking – If the joints are leaking, this means that the seals between your pipes have either broken or decayed and this can cause water to escape from the pipes and seep into the surrounding area.


  • Roots of Trees – Shrubs and tree roots can really cause problems when they grow near your sewer pipes and invade the area around them which can cause clogging and other damage to pipes.


  • Pipes That are Off-Grade – These are pipes that have been made of outdated or even standard materials that have become corroded or are deteriorating.


Our expert plumbers at Dash Pro Services are on call 24/7 and are ready to handle any sewer issues you might have any day or time you need help. We’re here to help you with whatever sewer problem you might have that include clogged sewer lines, need for sewer pipe repairs or replacement.


Sewer Lines That Are Leaking


If there is a leak in your main drain or sewer line, for the average person, this can be quite difficult to detect and if it goes undetected for too long it can cause an awful lot of damage to your property. Another thing to point out is that if there is pooling of water due to sewer line problems is a health hazard. When you have a leak in your drain or sewer line it can actually undermine the integrity of your entire drain or sewer system and can even cause separation of the pipes.


Our expert plumbers can come to you and perform dye tests in order to pinpoint where the problem lies within the drain or sewer pipe line. Too often some companies will just replace the entire pipe system instead of just finding the source of the leak and fixing the problem. We here at Dash Pro Services would rather try to not only save the pipe system but also save our customers money if at all possible. All too often water leaking from a sewer system is not always dirty smelling or dirty looking and if a dye test isn’t done it can be mistaken as a main water line problem instead of a sewer line problem.


It’s important to know that if it’s a leaky sewer problem within your home itself, this can lead to causing damage to floors, carpets, walls, cabinets and other valuable items in your home. If a leaking sewer line goes too long without being taken care of it can lead to major damage to your home such as mold as well as structural damage to your home.


Our expertly trained plumbers and technicians here at Dash Pro Services are fully trained in using all of the state-of-the-art equipment that is required to repair, unclog, or replace any or all of your sewer pipe line. One of our expert plumbers can find the source of the problem and then sit down with our customers and recommend a plan of action as well as inspect the rest of the home to see if there is any water damage anywhere in and around the home.


Repairs and Sewer Pipe Line Services


If you happen to own a business you know that if you have a malfunctioning sewer system it’s going to cause a lot of problems with how smoothly your business is going to run. If the problem is bad enough it could even lead to loss of revenue and as a business owner, that’s the last thing you want.


We here at Dash Pro Services are well aware of just how vital it is to your business that your sewer pipe line is functioning properly so that you don’t end up losing clients or customers because of it. Because of this, we offer a variety of different commercial sewer pipe line services that are meant to both help prevent as well as repair any problems you might be experiencing. We are experienced in all sewer and plumbing problems that include:


Cleaning sink drains, cleaning sewer pipe lines, cleaning and repairing of lift stations, cleaning and repairing storm drains, video camera inspections of water and sewer lines, and sewer pipe line repairs and replacements when needed.


We also offer our commercial customers specially customized sewer pipe line programs that are designed to meet all the needs of our customers business needs. Call us at Dash Pro Services today and talked to our curious and friendly staff to schedule one of our professionals to come out and perform an inspection on both your sewer and water pipe line systems. Our expert plumbers will do a walk-through of your business so they can assess the condition of your business’ plumbing system after which they can then recommend what kind of maintenance schedule you should consider in order to prevent any future damage caused by plumbing problems. At that time our experts can also help you decide what cleaning products might be best for you to use on a regular basis.


Services and Repairs for a Trenchless Sewer System


If you unfortunately have a problem with your sewer you are going to want to have it fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid any major disruption of your property or your business. More than likely, you probably don’t want to have to dig up your property either.


If there’s a concern over digging up your property, rest assured that Dash Pro Services can avoid this issue by offering our customers our trenchless sewer repair process. This process limits the the impact on your outside landscaping.


Instead of ripping up your landscape with huge trenches, our technicians will instead just drill a few holes in the ground in order to pinpoint where the problem exists along your sewer pipe line. Why not call us today to find out if a trenchless sewer pipe line repair is what you need for any sewer problems you might be having.


Just remember if you are having any kind of issues with your plumbing, whether it’s leaky pipes or a clogged sewer line, Dash Pro Services are here 24/7 ready and able to help you with whatever it is that you need to get things back up and running like normal.