New Construction

Whether it’s a new construction of a business or home, Dash Pro Services can and will service all new HVAC systems, including the installation of those systems. Even though you may own a new home or building, it’s still vital that your HVAC system is top notch and in excellent working order and we here at Dash Pro Services can provide that for you.

Just because an HVAC system is brand new does not mean that it doesn’t need to be maintained or repaired. Unforeseen things can and do happen with any system and you need to be well prepared for this and Dash Pro Services can ensure you are covered.

All of our employees here at Dash Pro Services are experts who are well-trained in all aspects of HVAC systems that include installation, repairs, and regular maintenance to ensure that your heating and cooling system runs effectively and efficiently all year round, but especially during the humid and hot months of summer in the state of Florida. All of our trucks are fully stocked at all times to ensure that our experts will have everything they need at the time of installation, repair, or maintenance. We are also fully licensed, bonded and insured for $2 million which should put your mind at ease knowing that you can trust our specialists to get the job done right.