Keep Florida Heat From Getting You Down – Be an ENERGY STAR Today!

You more than likely have heard the words ENERGY STAR but what exactly is it? ENERGY STAR is actually a government agency or it can also be dealing with a brand and/or a manufacturer. Basically appliances that are ENERGY STAR-qualified are items that can save you a lot of money on your utility bills and in some cases you can be offered tax rebates for those who purchase and install ENERGY STAR products. Products that are ENERGY STAR-certified products are also considered to be friendly to our environment.

How a Product Becomes ENERGY STAR-Certified


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) designed a set of standards back 1992 as a way of helping to promote any products deemed to be energy efficient. These are products that have shown to minimize any environmental impact and that save people a good amount of money on their energy bills.

All ENERGY STAR-Certified Heating and Cooling Systems Are:


  • Far more efficient than those that aren’t and they have met the U.S. Governments minimum standards, which needs to be at least about 10%. These systems tend to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions along with lessening other environmental impacts.
  • They all have labels that are recognizable in order to help customers decide on which energy efficient appliance they want to put in their homes. Most of these “state-of-art” products are manufactured to help people save a lot of money on their utility bills while offering more efficiency and comfort in homes.

Any product that has earned the status of ENERGY STAR-certified can be so efficient that they can quickly help you to recover your investment in quite a short time due to how quickly you’ll start saving money during those hot and humid summer months in Florida.

So, how would you like to be the beneficiary of a comfortable home during the summer by beating the heat and saving money at the same time? There’s no doubt you probably are thinking about it right now, after all, it’s a win/win situation that gives you comfort and takes less of a toll on your wallet. The larger appliances like HVAC systems, heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers all can be very energy consuming if you don’t have one that is ENERGY STAR-certified and it’s important that you consider switching over to one that is.

It’s Not Just Large Appliances


Even though larger appliances are key when it comes to energy consumption and having huge impacts on the environment, as a consumer of all types of energy, you also should be aware that smaller items such as fans, computers, even light bulbs that we use every day should also be ENERGY STAR-certified because they too use up a fair amount of energy on their own. So, make sure that just about everything you own should come with that ENERGY STAR label.

If you are in need of upgrading your heating and cooling system rest assured that the experts at Dash Pro Services will be there to answer any questions you might have about ENERGY STAR-certified and help you decide on which system will save you the most money in energy bills and keep you comfortable all year round. Feel free to give us a call today so one of our experts can show what’s available and help you choose a system that you can afford. Become an ENERGY STAR today!

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