Indoor Air Quality 101: Air Purifiers

As morbid as it may seem, every breath we take inside our homes is filled with millions of airborne contaminants ranging in severity from minorly annoying to majorly risky for our health.


Air purifiers exist to combat these harmful  contaminants before they can cause any lasting damage.


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Types of Air Purifiers


There are many different kinds of air purifiers available to meet your needs, however, some of them are more commonly used and effective than others.



Below is a comprehensive list of the most widely preferred air purifiers on the market.


Ionization Purifiers


This kind of air purifier generates a magnetic field around itself while in use. Whenever a contaminant passes through the field it is given either a positive or negative charge, then the charged particle becomes attracted to the oppositely charged metal collector plates inside the purifier to remove any contaminants from circulation.


UV Air Purifiers


UV air purifiers work like a very large ultraviolet light bulb. Since most of the germs that are most commonly found inside your home air supply are highly susceptible to UV light, exposing a large amount of this kind of light to it will do one of two things: either kill or sterilize it.


Air Filtration Systems


Air filtration systems are the most commonly used air purifiers in the country for a reason. These systems are made up of a fiber mesh-like material that is then stretched out over a frame and installed within your home air ducts. As air flows through the mesh any contaminants it may carry will then become immediately trapped in the fibers – stopping harmful contaminants dead in their tracks.


Why You Need an Air Purifier


Like it or not, the air we breathe inside our homes is riddled with all kinds of nasty contaminants.


Unwanted pests like dust, pollen, dirt, germs and the like can bring with them unpleasant side effects like allergy attacks as well as put you at risk for all kinds of more serious illnesses.


Most of the time, you don’t breathe in a high enough concentration of these contaminants to really notice any immediate negative side effects.


However, if you happen to be exposed to a higher dosage of contaminants for an extended period of time (for example: from dirty ducts), you could easily start to experience health issues.


This is why an air purifier is such a vital part of your home heating and cooling system: it ensures the very best indoor air quality possible while also protecting you and your loved ones from the contaminants that can hurt you.


Air Purifier Installation and Service


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