How to Improve Your Office Building’s Energy Efficiency in Four Simple Ways

How to Improve Your Office Building’s Energy Efficiency in Four Simple Ways

You may wonder, “why is energy efficiency important?” An energy-efficient building isn’t only beneficial to its owner; it is also critical to the economy at large. Such a structure reduces greenhouse gas emissions and benefits the community and people living in it. The truth is there is a long list of reasons why the energy efficiency of a building is so crucial. Many people know the advantages of an office building’s energy efficiency. However, how many are willing to take the steps towards optimizing their energy conservation?

Most times, office owners feel it’s hard to improve their building’s energy efficiency without cutting down on some luxuries and even comfort. What if we told you that you could enjoy the comfort and still boost your office building’s energy efficiency?  It is not so hard to balance. Stay with us as we explore four easy ways to optimize the energy efficiency of your building backed with practical energy conservation measures examples.

Use Programmable Thermostats and Sensors

It is safe to assume that most corporate offices usually have spaces that are not in use at every hour of the day. Getting rid of old thermostats and replacing with advanced programmable ones is one the most effective ways of getting the most out of your energy expenditure. This way, cooling & heating are regulated based on the time of the day and the weather condition. Installing occupancy activated sensors is also a great way of controlling the power expended, especially during close hours.

Run A Regular Maintenance

General maintenance is vital in every kind of buildings; offices, homes, or commercial places. Get professionals in the required field and have them run a check on the big appliances and wiring systems in your office. A regular checkup enables you to see which equipment is giving their best output. As a building owner, this helps you to channel your resources in the right places.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Energy consumption in buildings with older appliances is usually markedly high. An outdated HVAC system may give less output than it should and yet generate so much energy bills year in year out. Upgrading to a new HVAC system might cost you a bit more than repairing and maintaining the old one. But isn’t the cost of running an office in a place like Florida already high? Hence, why you need to look into cutting down on how much you spend on energy supply, even when it seems you’re investing more in replacements. It is also important to get the help of a specialist in getting a new heating and cooling system. At Dash Pro Services, our HVAC replacement team uses the best heating and cooling technologies to ensure you get the best out of our services. We also offer free estimates on complete system replacement.

Get an Expert Green Building Recommendation

The term ‘green building’ is trending more than ever. Literally, everyone is looking for ways to maximize their resources. Apparently, everyone loves the idea of a building that is designed to adapt to a changing environment. A building that allows the improvement of the quality of life of its occupants and the efficient use of water and energy, among other resources. But how do you know if your office building is “green.” With our expertise, you can determine where you’re expending energy the most. Our trained technicians also give you tips on improving the efficiency of your building when you call us for an energy audit.

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