HVAC Home Inspection Before Purchase

Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. There are so much factors to consider when it comes time to finally make that big decision, but one thing you definitely don’t want to overlook is the condition of the homes HVAC system.

Don’t just settle for the lackluster once-over that comes included in most home inspections. Insist on a thorough inspection by one of Dash Pro Services’s licensed and experienced HVAC pros.

What to Expect During Your HVAC Home Inspection

When you book Dash Pro Services for your comprehensive HVAC inspection, one of our qualified inspectors will go through the home you’re considering buying and inspect all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC components for any issues.

Our inspector will also survey the age of your system, that way you can know up front if you’ll be needing a replacement within the next few years.

Some other factors the specialist will bring to your attention are:

  • Whether or not the air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant. This kind of refrigerant is currently in the process of being phased out and gets harder to come by every year. It’s also getting more expensive for this exact reason.
  • How well the system has been maintained. Has the filter been changed on a regular basis? Are there adequate records that show when and what kind of maintenance was performed over the years? Both are important factors to the systems overall efficiency.
  • Whether or not the system is sized right for the home. If it’s not, you won’t get the maximum amount of performance and efficiency possible.
  • What the average annual cost of running the system is. That way, your first energy bill won’t come with any nasty surprises.

To learn more about home HVAC inspections prior to buying, contact Dash Pro Services Conditioning today.