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Dash Pro Services customers are always looking for highly rated, energy-efficient and budget friendly home heating and cooling solutions.

Weather can be a bit of a wild card, which is why you need a heat pump that is strong, durable and capable of always meeting your system’s heating and cooling needs without breaking the bank.


Dash Pro Services offers a wide array of heat pump services, including heat pump installation and heat pump repair.

Our heat pumps come fully equipped with some of the very best features of any available on the market, making them more than capable of not just meeting your expectations, but exceeding them.


Trust the pros at Dash Pro Services Conditioning to provide you with the very best home heat pump products, solutions and services available.


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Heat Pump Install Process

Making sure you have a properly installed, high-quality heat pump is the first step to ensuring your home is always warm and toasty and properly circulating air.

If a quality heat pump is the right way to go for your home heating needs, you can count on the pros at Dash Pro Services to bring you the very best heat pump installation services available.

Not only do we install your heat pump — once the job is done, we’ll do a comprehensive check to totally ensure your pump is working at its highest potential!



So… What Is a Heat Pump Anyway?


Unless you’re an HVAC expert, chances are you probably aren’t too familiar on the ins and outs of heat pumps.

To put it in layman’s terms, a heat pump works by using a combination of mechanical energy and refrigerant to move heat out of or into your home.


In the fall or winter, when you require heat, it moves heat in.

In the spring and summer, when all you want is to escape the heat, it moves it out.

The Top Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

So what exactly makes a heat pump so vital?

Well, they bring a ton of great benefits to the table, many of which are totally essential to your home heating and cooling systems overall functionality.

With a well-functioning heat pump in your home, you can expect:

A decrease in your home energy costsModern heat pumps are one of the most efficient solutions around for making your home more energy-efficient. They take advantage of ambient air in order to function, which saves on energy while also providing you with the comfort you’ve come to expect even through a brute force like a central cooling or furnace system.

VersatilityHeat pumps may be called heat pumps, but they can function equally well for all your home heating and cooling needs. They provide a very effective all in one solution that can provide total comfort and quality all year long.

Even distributed comfortA working heat pump  evenly distributes heat or air all throughout your home, eliminating frustrating temperature fluctuations.

Life spanHeat pumps are known to have longer lifespans than most HVAC systems. Not only that, but they require less repairs than a lot of the other temperature control solutions available on the market.

At Dash Pro Services, our guiding philosophy when it comes to heat pump installation is to follow tried and true ethics and provide innovative solutions wherever possible.

Trust the team at Dash Pro Services to provide you with the best heat pump install service around.

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