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Don’t let your homes heating system leave you and your family out in the cold this winter. Dash Pro Services Conditioning is here to diagnosis all your furnace repair needs quickly and efficiently.


Got a furnace that just won’t generate any heat? Consider troubleshooting the problem yourself before pulling out your wallet.


Give us a call to have one of our qualified HVAC experts walk you through some simple steps you can take that may help get your furnace kicking again


You can also follow the brief guide below.


4  Key Things to Consider When Your Furnace Has Malfunctioned


Check your thermostat settings. It may seem like common sense, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little things. Make sure your thermostat is switched to “heat” so that the thermostat will signal your furnace to run.


Inspect your filter. A dirty or clogged filter can be a likely culprit behind a malfunctioning furnace. This is because when a heater clogs, it overheats and shuts down as a preventive measure.


Check your circuit breaker. Another likely culprit behind a malfunctioning furnace is the breaker. Your furnace will not come on if the breaker has tripped. You can find your breaker wherever your home electrical panel is located. If you check it and see that it is in the middle or “off” position, simply reset it and you should be good to go.


Check your furnace switch. All furnaces have a switch on or near them that resemble a light switch. This switch should be in the “up” or “on” position at all times in order for your furnace to work correctly. If it is turned off flip the switch into the proper position and give your furnace a few minutes to start up.


If you followed these troubleshooting steps and your heating system still won’t start up, Dash Pro Services is here to help.


Our skilled technicians come equipped with rigorous training and all the highest industry certifications. This means they can handle almost any of your home heating concerns.


And by hiring the best, you can rest easy knowing our furnace repairs are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.


With that said, it’s important that you remember that nothing can top regular maintenance when it comes to a well operating furnace. The fact of the matter is, HVAC systems are known to break down when they aren’t properly maintained.


Once your furnace is up and working, Dash Pro Services can recommend you a maintenance plan so that your system stays up and running year round.


By doing your due diligence to follow this plan, you can eliminate expensive repairs ahead of time while also helping your furnace run more efficiently.



We at Dash Pro Services are proud to provide our customers with a full range of Air Conditioning, Heat and Maintenance services. Here are some of the services we can provide to help you: A/C Repair, A/C installation, A/C replacement, A/C Maintenance, heating repairs, furnace services, plan/design services and property management to name a few. 

We work with the top of the line equipment in the industry.

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