Drain Cleaning for Clogged Drains

Dash Pro Services employees well-trained professional plumbers that are standing by 24/7 in order to help our customers with sewer cleaning, routine drain maintenance, emergency drain problems, drain clogs, and more. The drain cleaning services we offer include floor pipe drains, storm pipe drains, downspout drains, sewer pipe drains, and a lot more.


Alpha Dog services has been in the plumbing business for decades now and have been on the ground floor of all new technology over the years. Today the technology that was created by Samuel Blanc known as the electric drain cleaning machine hasn’t changed all that much over the years because it’s been found to still be one of the most efficient ways of unclogging drains. This classic piece of machinery uses sharp blades that will chop through any debris that might be clogging drains in order to get the water flow back to normal.


Dash Pro Services is one of the top drain cleaning companies in the area and we clean and unclog more sewer lines and pipe drains than a lot of our competitors in the area. We can take care any type of drain that might be clogged as well as all types of sewer pipe cleaning services. Our professional plumbers are available to work on either commercial businesses or residential homes. They are available 24/7 to solve any of your problems including kitchen drain clogs, bathroom clogs, sewer line clogs, and more.


Kitchen Drain Cleaning


Over the years your kitchen drains will start running slower and will eventually become clogged. This is because over time debris and grease start to get stuck in the pipe lines. If you discover that your kitchen drain appears to be clogged then it means it’s time to give us at Dash Pro Services a call because all of our professional plumbers are very experienced in all plumbing issues that you might run into. They will use our specialized equipment in order to cut through the clog in order to restore the normal water flow through your kitchen pipes. As a leader in cleaning drains you can rely on Dash Pro Services to get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner.


Bathroom Drain Cleaning


W whether it’s a clogged shower or tub that might have hair build up to sinks that are clogged with grime and toothpaste, bathrooms can be quite challenging when it comes to trying to keep the drains free of clogs. Even your toilet can become overwhelmed with non-flushable items and toilet paper to the point it starts backing up on you, and that can be a mess. No matter what the challenge might be, Dash Pro Services is up to the task and will be able to fix any bathroom clogs that you might be facing. Rest assured that our professionals can take care of whatever the problem might be.


Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning


If you notice that your bathroom sink is not draining as quickly as normal, that’s a pretty good sign that you might have a bathroom sink clog developing. This is caused by a variety of different items like toothpaste, makeup, soap scum, and hair. All of these can build up in your drains resulting in clogged drains in the end. Dash Pro Services’ expert plumbers are on call to help our customers 24/7 in order to make sure that you don’t have to deal with clogs any longer than you have to.


Bathtub Drain Cleaning


If you live in a busy household a clogged bathtub or any clogged bathroom drain can turn into a nightmare overnight. It is something that needs to be taken care of right away and our professionals are there for you to take care of the bathtub issue you might be experiencing. If you have a good plunger or a snake, a lot of the clogs in your bathtub can be done yourself, however, if you can’t locate and dislodge the clog then you should give our professionals a call at Dash Pro Services so we can quickly take care of the problem for you.


Floor Drain Cleaning


Utility rooms and basements often are the most used areas when it comes to plumbing. Often this is where you will find washers and dryers and other plumbing fixtures. Dash Pro Services offers a variety of drain cleaning services and basement plumbing services for our residential customers.


Basements always have floor drains and it’s important that they consistently drain properly. Not only do basements have floor drains but you often will also find them in utility rooms, garages, and even patios. All of these drains serve to keep water from flooding these different areas. So, if these drains become clogged you’re going to have a problem. Our professionals at Dash Pro Services can quickly identify the location of the floor drain clog and keep pipes clear so the water can drain easily. With all of our experience we can ensure you that we will be able to solve any floor drain problem you might be having.


Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services


Not only do we take care of all of your indoor plumbing problems, we here at Dash Pro Services can also help you with any outdoor drain problems you might be dealing with. Making sure that your gutters are clean is just one part of the process, it’s also important to make sure that the sewer pipes are free of leaves and other debris in order to keep them from getting clogged as well. Our professional plumbers can clean out your downspouts, locate clogs in your outdoor plumbing lines and provide you with all the drain cleaning and unclogging services that your home may need inside and out.


Commercial Drain Cleaning Services


Dash Pro Services have been providing high-quality commercial drain cleaning for many years now and our expert plumbers can solve any kind of municipal, commercial, or industrial sewer problems you might have. Objects like toys, straws, utensils, paper towels, mop strings and more can easily get into the system and cause major clogs and plumbing problems. These objects can cause blockages in sink drains, floor drains, toilets, and sewer lines and this can be a big problem for your business. These can cause issues that will require the expertise of expert plumbers and specialized equipment to take care of the problem.


Our Commercial Drain Cleaning Services – If you work in the food business like a restaurant or food processing business you know that there are plenty of things that can clog your drains, especially grease and organic matter. When you have first signs of a problem it’s important that you contact our professionals so that they can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. We can help to clean your drains and sewer lines in a variety of different ways one being high-pressure water jetting. By fixing the problem right away will help to prevent you from losing any valuable business.


Commercial Sink Drain Repair – As a commercial business owner, it’s very important that you keep your commercial sinks running smoothly and avoid any buildups that could cause major drain clogs which in turn can end up damaging the drains. Dash Pro Services offer our customers a drain and grease trap treatment that’s an environmentally safe solution for any ongoing drain maintenance. Our experts will pump this product into your drain lines on a regular schedule. This process will cut down on buildups, clogs, odors and will help maintain a consistent water flow. Contact us at Dash Pro Services if you would like to learn more about this procedure.


Commercial Storm Drain Cleaning and Repair – Like most homes, your business may also depend on your storm drains and if that’s the case then you need to make sure that the storm drains are free of leaves and other debris. A free flowing storm drain is going to keep the water from damaging your commercial building so it’s important to keep it clean. If your storm drains are flowing too slowly or they are clogged they can cause flooding, water damage and sometimes can even cause sewer backups. Our professionals at Dash Pro Services are available 24/7 and can be there right when you need them to take care of any clogged storm drains to avoid any damage to your building.


Residential Roof Drains


Most homes have gutters on their roofs that flow into downspout drains. If these downspouts happen to drain into drains that go underground and then flow into street gutters or municipal storm drains, they can become clogged along the way and can cause a variety of problems. The clogs that develop can put a lot of pressure on the roof gutters and they can sometimes pull away from your house and that can cause water damage to your home. (Note that Dash Pro Services does not actually clean out the roof gutters or  rectangular downspouts made of aluminum).


Our professionals at Dash Pro Services can clean your residential underground drain pipes as long as the pipes are made of heavy schedule pipe. The pipe needs to be strong enough to handle our powerful drain cleaning machinery. Our professionals can easily figure out what kind of pipes you have through an inspection and then let you know if they can fix your problem or not through our traditional procedures. Most older homes were built with strong cast iron pipes or terracotta, both of which are sturdy enough to withstand the power and motion of our machinery. If it turns out that your pipes are not sturdy enough to handle the pressure from our machinery, our plumbers reserve the right to refuse to do the service.


When a home is equipped with roof underground drain lines, most modern homes will incorporate non-perforated Schedule 40 PVC that’s four inches in diameter for their underground roof drains. These heavy-duty pipes are designed to be sturdy enough to handle our powerful mechanical pipe cleanings. But, there are homes that are equipped with smaller gauged and more flexible plastic pipe and this is the type of pipe that wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of our mechanical cleaning.


The diameter and the length of the pipe is what is going to determine the cost of cleaning and unclogging your roof drain pipes. An expert from Dash Pro Services will quickly evaluate your pipes and then be able to give you a fair price on how much the cleaning or unclogging service will cost you.


Commercial Roof Drain Services


When it comes to commercial roofs, they can come in two common types, many are often flat while others will tend to have pitch like a residential home. No matter what the roof type, Dash Pro Services is equipped to be able to perform mechanical cleaning and unclogging services for our customers.


Commercial buildings that have flat roofs usually have drains that are spaced out all around the perimeter of the roof. The roof drains will usually be connected to pipes that are vertical and in turn are connected to horizontal pipes that are underground which are connected to a municipal storm sewer. Our professionals can easily mechanically clean these drains so that you will have a nice even flow that will keep water from damaging your commercial building.


When Dash Pro Services does this type of cleaning, we use what’s known as electrical mechanical cable machines and often we may have to use high-pressure water jetting to break up the really tough clogs in order to get the flow back to normal. Our expert plumber will be able to take a look at your roof drain system and after inspecting it be able to give you a fair price on how much it will cost to clean and/or unclog your system.


Even if your commercial building has a pitch roof, it’s still going to need some roof drain cleaning. The gutters on this type of roof will usually be connected to four inch diameter roof drain pipes that are vertical and they are connected to underground pipes that are also four inches in diameter that are horizontal and not vertical. These drains flow into municipal storm drains. Our professionals have both the experience and training to be able to completely clean your commercial roof drains to make sure that they flow properly.