HVAC Maintenance Agreements Overview

One of the most effective ways to make sure your HVAC system will continue to function at a high level is to consider getting a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement.


This agreement will ensure you receive regular visits from an Dash Pro Services Conditioning expert who will take care of all your normal maintenance, repairs, and inspections as needed in order to keep your HVAC in top notch condition.


Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement


In order for your HVAC system to withstand the strain of daily use, you should give the system a good “tune-up” at least once a year.


Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why you might want to think about getting a maintenance agreement for your heating and cooling system:


  • Cost Reduction. Dirt buildup, wear and tear and poor maintenance can all cause your HVAC system to struggle and this can cost you more in operating costs. A maintenance agreement will ensure that an expert will be there to perform a variety of maintenance tasks which will help your system operate more efficiently, which leads to lower overall energy costs.
  • Temperature Consistency. When your HVAC system is not maintained well, it can cause inconsistent temperatures and this can cause your employees and customers to feel quite uncomfortable. This can have a negative impact on work productivity. It can also cause your customers to not want to come back.
  • Less Breakdowns. There’s no getting around it. Over time, your heating and cooling system is going to suffer from regular wear and tear and will be more prone to breaking down. These breakdowns will occur more often if your system isn’t maintained properly.
  • Better Efficiency. You want to protect that investment. If you don’t service it on a regular basis, the life of your system can be shortened. With a maintenance agreement you will receive regular maintenance to your sunset, which will keep all parts of it in good working condition and will help to prevent any early failures.

What’s Included in a Maintenance Agreement


What’s included in your commercial HVAC maintenance agreement can vary widely depending on the contractor you hire for the job. However, here are some common services that come included in most HVAC maintenance agreements:


  • Check & Replacing the Air Filter. An air filter has a very important job of preventing the dust and dirt from being distributed all around your retail store and/or office. They help to keep the environment healthy for both customers and employees. That said, over time it’s inevitable that they may become clogged and will need to be replaced.
  • Thermostat Inspection. Your thermostat controls the temperature that’s produced by the commercial HVAC system in hour home. It lets you adjust the temperature to where you prefer it to be and keeps your office/building/environment pleasant.
  • Lubrication of Parts. Belts, bearings, and gears are in constant motion and need lubrication in order to continue to work properly. This is one of the tasks covered in an agreement.
  • Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning. The evaporator coils are what absorb the heat that’s inside of your retail store or office and the condenser coils discharge that heat outside. These coils become dirty at times and will become far less effective when they transfer the heat when they are. Keeping them clean will increase their cooling abilities.
  • Overall System Cleaning. All parts of your HVAC system need to be regularly cleaned, from the ducts, grills, drain pan, vents, blower motor and even the heat exchanger. These are all included in a standard maintenance agreement.

Along with everything mentioned above, your Dash Pro Services HVAC maintenance agreement will also include:


  • Looking for air leaks
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspection of electrical connections
  • Thorough system inspections


By having a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement in place for your home or business, you can rest easy knowing any problems you might run into with your system are taken care of.


If you are in the market for a very experienced and reliable HVAC provider and one that is effective and thorough, contact Dash Pro Services Heating and Air Conditioning today.