Commercial HVAC Installation

When it comes to staying cool in our Florida heat, commercial air conditioning is a must-have. Dash Pro Services has you covered with professional HVAC installation services that leave your customers – and employees – feeling comfortable and refreshed on your premises.

At Dash Pro Services, we know commercial buildings have unique needs when it comes to cooling systems. A “one size fits all” approach simply won’t work. If your HVAC system is too small, it’s likely to run continuously and never reach your desired temperature. If it’s too large, you risk hot and cold spots developing throughout your place of business. It’s essential to choose a properly sized HVAC system for both cost-effectiveness and comfort, and the highly trained staff at Dash Pro Services is happy to assist.

Avoid discomfort and stress by contacting Dash Pro Services today. We know the ins and outs of commercial HVAC jobs in Florida so that you don’t have to. Our professional staff will carefully evaluate your building’s unique needs, taking the following into account:

  • Building size and layout
  • Your particular commercial activities
  • Any products stored on the premises
  • Placement and number of doors and windows
  • Energy efficiency
  • Your budget

Custom Solutions for Your Space

We utilize our skills and expertise to provide a completely custom cooling solution for your business. We combine our deep understanding of commercial HVAC installation with a desire to use innovative, data-driven technology to offer our customers more than “standard” installation options. You don’t settle for less than the best in your own business practices, and neither do we.

At Dash Pro Services, our goal is to meet your needs and serve your preferences, and we strive to do this in a way that keeps your costs down, too. We are proud to partner with schools, retail establishments, hospitality companies, small businesses and more, and there’s no job too large or too small. Whether you need a simple exhaust fan replacement or a complete system overhaul, we offer skill, quality and customer service that sets us apart from other commercial HVAC companies.

Our personalized, highly skilled approach means we can offer you cutting-edge commercial HVAC installation options using technologies like BIM and CAD. We always have an eye on the details, and we value the opportunity to advise you on planning, design-build solutions, control systems and more. In short, we are your go-to partner in commissioning a commercial HVAC installation to fit your unique needs.

Commercial AC Replacement

No commercial air conditioning system lasts forever, so it’s smart to plan ahead for your building’s future needs. With proper maintenance, you can usually expect a system to last for 15 years or so before a major issue arises. Avoid an emergency by starting a conversation with us today. We’ll help you plan for your commercial AC replacement before you’re faced with an emergency, allowing you time to choose and design your perfect system without a cooling crisis looming.

Each Dash Pro Services technician is NATE-certified, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest level of knowledge, skill and training for your commercial HVAC installation.

Solutions on Your Schedule

We understand that you can’t properly serve your customers without an efficient commercial cooling system. When an issue arises, it quickly becomes urgent and can affect every aspect of your operations. This is why the Dash Pro Services team is available 24-7 with the commercial cooling solutions you need.

We truly value our clients’ time, so you can count on us to keep our promises. We’ll develop a project timeline that suits your busy schedule, and we’ll always stick to stated delivery and completion dates.

Please contact us today to learn more about our commercial HVAC services. We’re happy to answer your questions about new construction or facility upgrades and talk through the custom commercial HVAC installation solutions that best meet your needs. We can’t wait to partner with you to keep your customers, clients and team members comfortable and refreshed no matter what the Florida climate brings our way.