Commercial Furnace Repair

In Need of Furnace Repair? If so, It’s Just a Phone Call Away – 24/7!


Does is feel like your company is freezing and are your employees trying to find ways to keep warm? This could indicate that you might need a professional commercial furnace expert to come out and check your system to see if it needs service or repair. It’s important that your company is heated properly in order to ensure a save, productive, and comfortable working environment.

You Might Be In Need of Commercial Furnace Repair or Service if You are Having Any of These Issues:


  • The furnace won’t turn on
  • The pilot light has gone out
  • Hearing strange noises when the furnace starts up or during operation
  • The main burner won’t light or goes out right away
  • Burners are lit but the blower doesn’t turn on
  • Blower runs all the time

You Can Rely on Dash Pro Services for Reliable Emergency Service and Repair 24/7:


  • Our specialists are available for repair and service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Our specialists will always offer clear and upfront explanations of any problem that might exist allowing you to decide what is best for your company and how to handle it before we start any repairs on your unit
  • We do not charge by the hour, we only charge by the job which ensures there will never be any overtime charges
  • We guarantee our work 100% ensuring that our repairs are professionally and properly done on the first attempt

Our specialists can and will take on even the toughest and most stubborn of furnace problems:


  • No Power – Whether it’s breakers that have been tripped, wiring that’s loose, or simple switches causing power issues, our experts will happily take care of the problem. They are also prepared to handle very complicated and hard to pinpoint problems like transformers, control boards, thermostats, capacitors, and blower issues that can require more diagnostic testing during the commercial furnace service and repair.
  • Failing or Ailing Motors – If you have a noisy furnace motor is not a good sign for your furnace and this often indicates possible future failure of the motor. If the motor is squeak or squealing it could indicate a breakdown is coming and our experts can prevent this from happening.
  • Ignition Failure – If there’s a rapid clicking sound coming from a furnace and it doesn’t ignite this could be because of a blocked flue, a faulty control board or it could be an improper limit control
  • Burner Doesn’t Stay Lit – After our experts clean key components and check adjustment, they can determine if your furnace has a clogged condensate drain, dirty flame sensor, or a gas supply issue that might be contributing to the issue.
  • Blower Isn’t Working – If the blower isn’t working there could be a problem with the run capacitor or the motor, this in turn could stop the blower from turning on after it’s ignited.
  • Blower Won’t Turn Off – If the blower on your furnace won’t stop when the thermostat isn’t turned on, this could be the result of the air filter being dirty and is restricting the airflow and this could be damaging the limit switch of the furnace. Our specialists can pinpoint the exact problem, replace the part in question, and educate your employees on the importance of changing filters.

Replacement of Commercial Furnaces


There could be issues that might be beyond repair and our experts will be able to discover that for you when examining your furnace. If the current commercial heating system you have is failing often and isn’t working efficiently, you may want to replace it. If that’s the case, we here at Dash Pro Services can help you with this issue. We offer a variety of very high-efficiency heat pump and furnace systems that will help you get the reliability and quality you deserve from a heating system.

Installation of Commercial Heating Systems


Our specialists here at Dash Pro Services know how important it is that you choose a new heating system that’s exactly what you need and is installed properly to suit your business needs. Dash Pro Services guarantees that you will receive the most reliable and cost-effective heating system for your commercial business. All of our installations start with a very thorough Manual J heat load calculation in order to offer you the exact solutions that will save you both time and money while at the same time optimizing your company and employees comfort.

Important Things to Consider When Making a Decision to Replace or Repair Your Heating System:


  • Age – Any furnace that’s 10 to 15 years old is more than likely on it’s last legs and simply not going to be worth just repairing.
  • Cost of Investment – Even though it does often cost more to replace the furnace to repair it, you should consider the overall long-term cots of trying to keep it running efficiently. Our experts at Dash Pro Services can help you by calculating the return on your investment.
  • Rates of Your Utility Bill – If you take your utility bills from a few seasons in the past and then calculate any future bills based on any rising rates, it is easy to determine just how much it’s going to cost you to keep running your old furnace for the upcoming year. Then you can compare that with all of the energy that’s used by a new furnace at the same rates and see what kind of savings you can possible expect by replacing the old one.

If you are concerned about lower employee productivity, lost income, or loss of customers then you might really want to seriously consider giving Dash Pro Services a call today where our specialists are waiting to help you out with your furnace needs.