Solutions for Commercial Ductless Systems

If you own a small business of any kind and you are trying to find an energy efficient and flexible solution for your company’s cooling and heating issues, we here at Dash Pro Services is here and available to discuss with you the different choices you have as well as help you choose something such as a compact commercial system that’s ductless. These systems are sometimes referred to as “mini-split systems. These are systems that can give you and your company maximum flexibility for colling or heating one or several different rooms at the same time.

These “mini-split systems” are extremely quiet, are fast and easy to install, and are extremely easy to be maintained. This air delivery system can be mounted high up on a wall or they can be installed under the ceiling or along a wall. Quite often the smaller condensing units or heat pumps can be located outside also.

These types of units don’t have any duct work like traditional HVAC systems do, it makes it easier to fit them almost anywhere you want to have them located and you don’t lose any vital workspace in order to accommodate them. They are often powerful enough to be able to heat or cool just one room or several rooms that can help create areas of comfort and efficiency. This ensures that you will receive more heating and cooling for the money you spend on the system. Nearly all of the systems that we offer are all ENERGY STAR rated and this means that they all exceed all of the energy efficiency standards set down by the U.S.

If you are thinking about replacing an old unit or you want to replace your central air system totally, you might want to consider going for a mini-split system as an effective way to solve your heating and cooling needs with the least amount of money spent and with no disruption in the workplace while it’s being done.

If you’re not sure what you are looking for when it comes to your heating and cooling needs and you have the need for an opinion from a professional, look no further than Dash Pro Services. All of our specialists here at Dash Pro Services are comfort professionals and can help you weigh both the pros and cons of having a ductless system compared to the traditional more expensive HVAC systems.

We can help you make the best choice for your needs and offer you the most efficient and cost effective system for your company. Our specialists install, maintain, and service all commercial ductless systems and HVAC systems in a variety of retail businesses, offices, new and old buildings, and more. Our experts are all high-trained in all systems, fully bonded and licensed and you can be assured of nothing less than perfection from those who service you. Our service trucks are always fully stocked which ensures that our experts can complete the job that needs to be done in a timely manner.

Please feel free to give us a call today if you are interested in getting a quote that is itemized for your convenience or if you want to learn more about the types of systems that we offer.