Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Why is it important to have my a/c unit serviced?

The best way to ensure that you get the most life out of your air conditioning unit is to keep it maintained properly. This practice can allow for longevity of the unit as well as continued optimal performance. Without preventative maintenance, it’s easy to run into problems that can cost you high maintenance or replacement fees. Dash Pro Services believes strongly in regular maintenance and we are happy to offer free Florida air conditioning consultations in order to discuss what, if any, maintenance or repair services are needed. We’re looking to keep our customer’s repair and utility costs at an absolute minimum by staying on top of things with low-cost maintenance.

Save Money on Florida Electric Bills

Especially during the summer months, Florida’s air conditioning needs can soar; we all know it isn’t easy living without air conditioning in the south. From maintenance to repairs to installations, air conditioning costs can run high, but there are steps everyone can take to lower energy bills while still staying cool in the Florida heat. It’s so important to keep your A/C system running at optimal performance and by doing so, costly repairs can be avoided and utility bills can be kept within budget. Dash Pro Services can also help to make sure that our customers are aware of any state or federal government rebates or other energy rebates that are available to them.

Dash Pro Services Service is the Best of the Best!

We understand that requiring major repair work or installing air conditioning in your home or business can be costly and we’re ready to work with you and your budget to get you what you need without overspending. Dash Pro Services is happy to help inform and provide for our customers at every step of the process.

Dash Pro Services is EPA Certified

Dash Pro Services is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Reducing the environmental impact of your heating and cooling systems is important to us and EPA certification is also a legal necessity. Without EPA certification, your heating or cooling system may not be in accordance with Florida state EPA laws. Our HVAC technicians are properly certified, licensed and insured so we are able to guarantee that our customers are always covered and protected.

Our Affordable Maintenance Services Save You Money!

Avoid paying for expensive repairs or dealing with frustrating system failures with our affordable maintenance services. Prevent HVAC issues before they happen.

Our HVAC Maintenence Services Include:

  • Year-round Florida HVAC maintenance and inspections
  • Air conditioning tune-ups for better performance and a lower energy bill
  • Change-outs for heating and cooling equipment
  • Extended HVAC warranties

With appropriate maintenance, we aim to avoid serious repair needs, but when issues do unexpectedly occur, we are available 24/7 for all emergency needs.

DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning Unit

The following are a few helpful HVAC DIY tips that everyone can use to ensure they get the best performance and life out of their air conditioning unit:

  • Know how often to change your air filter for your house. Check the filter monthly and change as needed. Dirty or clogged air filters restrict airflow and decrease performance. Over time this can break down the system and lead to more costly maintenance issues.
  • Make sure to check that the thermostat is mounted level and that batteries are replaced regularly if required. (Digital thermostats require batteries.)
  • Turn OFF the thermostat and use a garden hose to clean the outdoor air conditioning unit.
  • Add vinegar to the air handler’s drain line every six months. This can keep your air conditioning unit clean and avoid mold and clogged drain lines.