Know When to Repair and When to Replace Your Unit

The general rule of thumb for deciding when to replace or when to repair an air conditioning unit involves considering the age of your unit. If your air conditioning system is 12 years or older, it may be time to consider new installation options. Although a new installation can seem like a big decision, an updated unit with ENERGY STAR qualification and standards will run more efficiently by keeping your home cooler at less cost to you. Replacing an outdated and worn out unit can reduce energy bill costs by 30-50%! If you live in Florida, you know the burden of high utility bills, but with proper maintenance and attention, Dash Pro Services can help ensure you keep your home cool and comfortable without staggering utility costs.

Before beginning any new a/c installation, we will consider and discuss with you the best options for your specific home and budget. Some areas we will cover during our free consultation include: - Efficiency: Not all a/c units are created equal and we will show you a variety of different options that will align the best, most efficient model with your budget. - SEER Rating: To make the above decision easier, all a/c units come with a SEER rating which indicates the equipment’s energy efficiency with a consistent rating system that helps to inform and guide your choices based on what you may need. - Home and Unit Size: The size of your home is always taken into consideration and a necessary detail to consider when choosing a new air conditioning unit. It’s very important to make sure that the unit is capable of cooling your home sufficiently. We also never want to overcharge our customers by choosing too large a system when a smaller, less expensive system is able to do the job.

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