4 Things That You Should Ask Your HVAC Contractor About Maintenance For Air Conditioning

4 Things That You Should Ask Your HVAC Contractor About Maintenance For Air Conditioning

As many people are aware, the HVAC system will occasionally be in need of receiving maintenance similar to any other major appliance that you may have in your home. By having proper maintenance with your air conditioning done by a trustworthy company, your comfortability is at stake, both physically and economically. With heating, ventilation, and air conditioning taking up 50% of a house’s energy usage it is important to take proper care for each aspect of it.

Although some of the maintenance is capable of being worked on by the owner of a home, it is important to have the more complicated aspects of it worked on by professionals. When you are hiring a company to work on the HVAC in your home, it is important to ask the necessary questions beforehand. This will help you gain a better understanding of the company itself as well as the work that you are having done on your home. The 4 most useful questions that you should typically ask your HVAC contractor in regards to maintenance with your air conditioner include:

At What Rate Should I Have My Air Filter Changed?

When it comes to maintenance with an air conditioning system, having a clean filter is one of those most important parts of it. Having a clean air filter inside of your air conditioner will allow it to run to its best ability. Changing your air filter depends entirely on everyone’s personal situation. You should be checking yours every month and if it looks like it needs to be changed, then you should definitely go ahead and replace the old one for a new one.

If you live in a home with people that have allergies and you do not clean often, you should have your air filter changed every 45 days or every couple of months based on the severity. For people that live in a home with no smoking, no pets, and have regular cleaning done, you should be safe changing the filter out once every 3 months.

Why Do I Need To Have The Air Ducts Of My Home Cleaned?

It is important to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, but cleaning also depends on the people living in the home. If people live inside of the home that have allergies, cleaning should be done yearly. If allergy sufferers do not live in the home, cleaning can be done less often but should still be done. As suggested, if you are having your air filters changed often, then the ducts in your home will also last longer.

With that being said, an HVAC contractor should also be checking for signs that show how often your air ducts need to be cleaned. If the technicians find rodents inside of the ducts, cleaning would need to be done sooner than later. Similarly, they will need to clean the air ducts sooner if mold, contaminated water, loads of dust, thick fur, or a lot of debris is found.

At What Rate Should I Have Maintenance Done For My Entire System?

Your entire system is much more complicated than air filters as it contains a load of other objects as well. For example, your system also includes fans, motors, coils, as well as other objects. These things vary on the degree of maintenance needed depending on the usage and time of the season, but for the most part, they should be cleaned seasonally. Having them cleaned each season right before you need to use the heat or air system will ensure a clean and healthy living environment.

Does Your Company Offer A Service Plan For Maintenance?

Service plans vary between each company, but asking in advanced will definitely be helpful in terms of saving money. Similar to any other service plan, they are made to save you money in the long run as they count on you to come back for more work by that company. If your particular HVAC contractor does indeed provide service plans, it will be important to ask for a checklist of what will be done for each visit so that you can ensure it covers all of your needs. With each HVAC company, you will typically find a maintenance plan for seasonal work, which will save you money in the long run.


Air conditioners are complicated systems that require professional maintenance similar to any other appliance or machine. Being sure to have yours cleaned seasonally is not only important for health and safety, but is also necessary to ensure that it continues to run properly. If someone living in your home is typically very sensitive that has allergies, having your system cleaned more often will be necessary.

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